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About Us

Founded by indie 3D filmmaker, Andrew Murchie, as an experiment in emerging technologies, EYEPOP-3D provides a platform for 3D enthusiasts to share their conversions with the wider 3D community. The team has expanded to include fellow 3D enthusiasts Alex Folk and Philip Williams, both highly regarded in the indie 3D conversion community. 

Their shared passion for creating great looking stereoscopic content and ingenuity at experimenting with a wide range of techniques and emerging technologies has created a team able to create top quality 3d conversions. 

EYEPOP-3D aims to set the benchmark standard for excellence in independent 2D to 3D film conversions. 

The Team

We are EYEPOP-3D

Andrew Murchie

Chief Dimensional Officer

Alex Folk

3D Conversion Ninja

Philip Williams

3D Conversion Jedi

Custom Conversions

If you would like to discuss your 2D to 3D conversion requirements, do please get in touch.

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