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House on Haunted Hill 3D

75 min   |   English  |  William Castle 

"House on Haunted Hill" is considered a classic directed by William Castle and starring Vincent Price.


Set in a sinister mansion, the film follows an eccentric millionaire, who invites five strangers to spend the night in the haunted house with the promise of a "large" sum of money if they survive until morning.


As the night unfolds, the guests encounter a series of chilling and supernatural occurrences, including ghostly apparitions, secret passages, and mysterious deaths.

Available on 3D Blu-ray, 3D DVD & Digital Download.

The 3D Blu-ray is released as a "MAXIMUM COMPATIBILTY BLU-RAY DISC", meaning this disc will play back on 2D systems in 2D, on modern 3D systems as Digital Stereoscopic 3D (frame-packed) AND ALSO includes a Red Blue Anaglyph Version on the disc for viewers who want the 3D but don't have suitable hardware.

Available as Standard Edition and Platinum Limited Edition.


Platinum Limited Edition includes Cardboard Slipcover, Audio CD, 3D Lobby Cards, Collector's Card & Mini-poster Insert.

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Optional Platinum Edition Includes:
Blu-ray Bonus Features Include:

Firstly we're delivering the world's first 4D Blu-ray with EMERGO-4D! Going beyond the limitations of stereoscopic 3D AIPOP-3D brings their take on William Castle's classic out-of-screen experience to your own home! Using our EMERGO-4D Activator Code and your tablet or cell phone experience the thrills as EMERGO-4D flies a skeleton right into your home! 

Join Andrew, Alex & Phil as they discuss the complexities of this conversion as well as  thoughts on the film, William Castle, Vincent Price and where-ever else the chat may take them as they meander through the "House on Haunted Hill".

Using the 3D converted film footage and all newly animated 3D text, a brand new recreated version of the original trailer aims to deliver the optimal 3D results.

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