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EYEPOP-3D: Home of independent 2D to 3D conversions

Updated: Jun 2

It's been quite a journey from the first tentative steps we made attempting to convert a single frame of 2D to 3D, wondering if it was going to look remotely acceptable. Then attempting an entire shot, then an entire scene... and well you know what comes next.

We hoped, as I'm sure many people did, that modern tools would give us a one click solution; magically we'd have a 2D film converted to glorious perfect Stereoscopic 3D. But anyone who's tried using one of the many tools available knows that certain tools can assist, most definitely, but it doesn't make a conversion. Time, effort and experience make a conversion.

Our Aims with EYEPOP-3D

With EYEPOP-3D we wanted to be able to share our passion for stereoscopic 3D films and the films we've converted with as many people as possible, so early on it was decided we would focus on converting films we could legitimately share on 3D Blu-ray, or online 3D Streaming Service. So with this in mind we started working predominantly with US Public Domain feature films, although we have a completely flexible budgeting model and are investigating options for licensing agreements where this may be financially viable, as in the case of the Scottish comedy feature film Electric Man.

The EYEPOP-3D Team has volunteered their skills and enthusiasm to convert public domain or licenced films into stereoscopic 3D. All of us involved came to this without particular awareness that the others were already converting, and it just made sense to be able to share the output from this enthusiasm to a wider audience within legal boundaries.

The conversions are undertaken in our spare time, as we all have other jobs, and realistically, once all costs are taken into account, this is not a commercially viable business proposition.

The 3D Journey Continues

So the 3D journey ahead continues, we have already released "Nightmare Castle 3D" on 3D Blu-ray garnering great feedback from 3D enthusiasts online, and as I write we're on the cusp of our next Kickstarter for the classic "House on Haunted Hill" which is looking amazing in 3D!

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