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AIPOP-3D Limited Platinum Editions

Some of the most regular and highly positive feedback we receive is on the packaging and bonus materials that come with the Platinum Editions of our 3D Blu-rays.

These have included a wide range of materials but the core is now defined as:

  • A cardboard slipcover (done in matching EC Comic Book Cover design style to maintain a consistent look).

  • A set of unique anaglyph lobby cards.

  • A Mini Poster Insert, double sided with more info and stills from the film.

  • A baseball/gum card style collectors card, with Fun Facts on the rear.

While these make up the core from time to time we like to add an extra item or even just a surprise in the packaging material, which is in itself sometimes randomly allocated. We've done everything from audio cd's to stickers sets to a really superb 3D Graphic Novella (my pride and joy!).

However we did want to share that these Platinum Editions are in fact very limited in numbers, as we only produce sufficient for the Kickstarter plus a rounding up factor and stock on many of them is now running very low. For practical and financial reasons it's not possible to reproduce these in small batches for the same cost so once the remaining stock is sold these will effectively be OOP, although the standard edition discs may remain available.

Your best way to make sure you get a Platinum Edition is to back our Kickstarters and why not head over now and check out "Horror Express 3D" on Kickstarter - the train awaits your boarding.

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