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Dune 2 Dune 3D

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Every so often one of us just fancies taking a break and doing something different - a change is as good a s a holiday apparently. So Phil took a break from serious converting of "Electric Man" to do some serious converting of the "Dune 2" Trailer. That's not a holiday!

When introducing the last trailer I posted for "Megalodon: The Fury" I wrote that with these "just for fun" trailer conversions they didn't need to get the same love and attention that a commercial release would get... well take a look at this and you'll see Phil doesn't share that view! This is a really astonishing conversion - Hollywood watch out Phil Williams is coming through!

My only thought is if this is what Phil is doing for fun, just how good is "Electric Man" going to be? Well I've seen bits of it and I can tell you you're in for a treat.

So for "Dune" fans, as I've heard that "Dune 2" isn't getting a 3D release, this may be the closest you get imagining just how good the film could have been with that added dimension. I wouldn't be surprised in Warner Bros are on the phone to Phil if they spot this!

Okay admittedly this little sci-film can't stand up to the might of "Megalodon: The Fury" but with the added 3D it's nearly as good. (It's okay I'm just kidding, stay calm.)

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Thanks for looking.

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