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Giant Sharks in 3D? Yes please!

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

So first off a confession - I cannot spell Megalodon (apart from there where I looked it up. Okay that's said, let's get on with the blog post!

Sometimes it just takes my fancy to convert a piece of content just for fun, it's quite different to when working on a feature film that is going to be sold - converting a feature film requires as close to perfection as we can get, entails weeks or even months of work to get optimal results and then a huge push to raise awareness and final delivery of the project. And of course legally we need the rights to be able to sell the final product.

Doing a quick 2D to 3D film trailer conversion for fun is the opposite: it can be imperfect, takes not too much time and doesn't require some huge production management (and shipping) effort. It's just a quick convert and push it out there onto YouTube or similar. Often times these little projects are great for testing out ideas for techniques and are certainly how I got started in producing conversions. And I doubt the film's producers are going to be upset about us promoting their work.

So when I saw "Megalodon: The Fury" trailer, I believe it's from the people who brought us "Sharknado", I thought it looked pretty crazy and over the top and deserved to be seen in 3D. Giant sharks leaping out of the water grabbing helicopters - now that's what movies were made for! ;)

I'd expect more of these to be posted in future, any you would like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

Anyway do please check out the 3D trailer for "Megalodon: The Fury"

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