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Last Man on Earth 3D Platinum Edition Features

Let's look at the Platinum Edition

Hi Everyone - I thought I'd do a little update to focus on the superb Platinum Edition of "The Last Man on Earth 3D" on Kickstarter and especially to talk about the fantastic 3D Cinematic Graphic Novella that we've created in conjunction with Cinecrypt!

The Last Man on Earth - 3D Graphic Novella

I first came across Cinecrypt's work on Etsy and was immediately struck with what they did and could see a definite opportunity to collaborate of some projects - and "The Last Man on Earth 3D" is the first of these to see the light of day! 

Cinecrypt adapts forgotten or overlooked public domain horror movies, aiming to give them new life in graphic novel form! From gothic shocks to B-movie shlock, they restore the horrifying stories to their original glory, sometimes with strange and subversive twists. And now you can see their work in a whole new dimension!

You can find a whole heap more of Cinecrypt's work over on their Etsy store at

EC Inspired Slipcover

As with our previously released films we've taken inspiration from the classic EC Horror comic covers to create a groovy looking protective cardboard slipcover for the Blu-ray. 

Double Sided Anaglyph 3D Lobby Cards

With our lobby cards this time round we've created an amazing set of four double sided anaglyph 3D cards - so in effect that's like 8 for the price of 4! All custom designed and created just for this release.

EC Inspired Gum Collector's Card

And finally again as with our previously releases we round off the Platinum Edition with a gum style Collector's Card featuring the same EC Comic inspired cover with a number of "Did you know" facts about the film on the rear.

This superb collection will be limited to the initial print run and will not be available as a separate pack unlike previous releases. So if you want to guarantee a copy of this superb pack please make sure you back the Platinum Edition on KICKSTARTER NOW!

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