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Moon Knight Trailer in Spatial 3D

Updated: Jun 2

In another of our "just-for-fun" conversions, having just finished slaving for months over the Electric Man 3D conversion, Phil has taken a little "me time" and converted the astonishing Marvel Moon Knight Trailer into stunning 3D for you!

Even a cursory glimpse at the stills clearly shows the love and attention to detail that Phil put's into his conversions! I ducked out of the way at the shot above!

Just for clarity, this isn't actually really happening, it's us having fun on projects we'd love to see in 3D. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have TV shows like this with added depth?

In fact how amazing would it be if ALL TV was like this?

Check out the Moon Knight Trailer on YouTube in 3D

So if you're a fan of 3D Blu-rays...

Our latest Kickstarter is now live! This time it's for Phil's amazing new stereoscopic conversion of "Electric Man 3D", a Scottish indie comedy film from 2011 that revolves around the chase for an extremely valuable comic.

We're about half way through the Kickstarter and really could do with your support!

Find out more about this film and our Kickstarter here...

EYEPOP-3D is the home of high quality, independent 2D to 3D Film Conversions. We use the latest tools and emerging technologies to create budget friendly 3D conversions of classic and modern feature films, television shows and other motion content.

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