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EYEPOP-3D vs One-Click AI 2D to 3D Conversions

Updated: May 28

One-Click 2D to 3D Conversions

One of the main aims in setting up EYEPOP-3D was to create not just high quality conversions but to provide readers with an understanding of what a decent conversion SHOULD look like, especially at a time when there are so many apps and AI driven systems chasing your cash claiming to deliver one-click conversion solutions.

These one-click auto-convert 2D to 3D tools do exist, and are to a greater or lesser degree somewhat capable of creating a sort of 3D image. The best will use AI to estimate the depth and produce a depth map with which the image is processed to create a 3d version of each particular frame. But, and this is the first point to consider: AI doesn't get it right a lot of the time, so this produces incorrect or inconsistent results.

The second point is, even when AI does get it right, the 3D processing often introduces very obvious visible warping, halos and smearing especially in high contrast areas where there is the strongest depth difference.

Given sufficient computer processing power and a good deal of patience, one-click 2D to 3D conversion solutions may get lucky and create some good looking individual shots, but try and process something the length of a feature film and you end up with an extremely variable conversion most likely with more than half the shots requiring serious manual repair work that these tools don't offer solutions to. This of course is probably fine for converting your home movies, but it's not up to the standard required to deliver consistent professional 3D conversions.

Our EYEPOP-3D tools and processes are a little complex for inexperienced users, however our primary tools are commercially available, with some additional imaging and analysis tools used as and when required. A lot of it though is not that different from what a studio conversion would require with masses of rotoscoping and inpainting where required. Hence our EYEPOP-3D conversions, far from being a simple day or two task, which is most common amongst the fan conversions which can be seen online, are instead anywhere from 3 to 9 month projects. This does mean we can't put out that many films, but we'd rather do them right, than just do them!


As part of our awareness raising mission in 2023 we produced two roughly hour long livestream shows looking at the various options and sharing some of the results, alongside a number of our own EYEPOP based conversions.

What we do hope you take away from these is that if you're offered conversion software that sounds too good to be true, well you know the saying. Actually we'd love it if there were such a tool - we could up our output by some crazy multiple!


One thing we've tried to make very clear all along is that our conversions are not simple one-click AI driven outputs; yes we use an AI tool to undertake the initial depth analysis and initial depth map creation, but that's where the work starts. In reality the depth map creation is the shortest step with a feature length film taking anywhere between about 2 and up to maybe 12 hours depending on settings.

Once we have our depth maps created we then have anywhere between 6 to 36 weeks or more of work to tweak, fix and actually create the conversion. Far from being a one-click solution it's a massive undertaking.

With the growth of much simpler AI based conversion applications, which promise to convert films with "one click", it is a concern that the market will be flooded with poor AI conversions and that EYEPOP will get lumped in with that approach so we are doing our best to not become completely synonymous with totally AI driven output.


Well the results speak for themselves, we've been placed third in the list of 3D Blu-rays released in 2023 as voted for by subscribers of the forums. Quite an accolade from a highly vocal and discerning audience.

And not only that, our customers have equally been absolutely wonderful in giving us some of the most amazing feedback and reviews online:

"There are scenes now that pop in a way they never could in 2D and I was amazed at how good they looked. The chandelier, the first big jump scare - the film has plenty of quality money shots."

"Holy sh*t. The conversion is astounding. Looks like William Castle shot it in 3-D, as if it were planned for the process from the start. The faces of Elisha Cook Jr. and Vincent Price at the beginning float right off the screen, and there’s consistently fantastic depth and objects protruding offscreen throughout."

"This conversion is sensational. To my eyes it’s even better than the Nightmare Castle presentation, which was pretty damn good in its own right."

"The 3D implementation is so successful that even if you're a big 3D fanatic, you don't have to sugar-coat it because of the lack of alternatives these days."

"There was never a moment for me where I was taken out of the experience by an obvious conversion error. The film offers a great 3D feeling and also has 3D passages where I just thought "Wow, that looks amazing". I got exactly what I love about 3D."

And as we roll into 2024 we hope to improve on our 2023 output in every way and do hope you'll stick with us as we create even more and hopefully better 3D classic film conversions!

EYEPOP-3D is the home of high quality, independent 2D to 3D Film Conversions. We use the latest tools and emerging technologies to create budget friendly 3D conversions of classic and modern feature films, television shows and other motion content.

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