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The Horror! The Horror! The 3D Horror!

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

I was invited to chat with YouTube horror-vlogger Travis Bruce on his Horror Realm channel a couple of weeks back, so had a really good laugh chatting about 2D to 3D film conversions in general and "Nightmare Castle 3D" and "House on Haunted Hill 3D" more specifically.

If you want to learn more about how I got started doing 3D conversions, what film I'd most like to convert and why I missed every screening of "Dawn of The Dead 3D"

then do please give it a watch and head over to "Like and Subscribe" to Travis's channel for more interesting horror related chats with directors, producers and such like.

And if that's not enough of me for one week I've also shared an update on the Kickstarter campaign that is doing amazingly well! There's loads of news about the stretch goals and our audacious plan to release the World's First 4D Blu-ray!

More news on all of that and more later in the week!

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