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Why Back an EYEPOP-3D Kickstarter

Updated: Jun 2

One of the questions we often get asked about our 3D Blu-rays is "Can I just buy it?" So let's try to answer that here.

The answer, as with so many things in life isn't so straightforward.


We generally base our production numbers on how many pre-orders we receive - which is where Kickstarter comes in and then add 10%-20% to cover for any that may go missing in the post and to cover some post Kickstarter sales.

We don't have a warehouse, and as a small independently run label we don't have massive resources to take risks on producing extra hundreds or thousands of discs that may go unsold.

So in this regard if you back our Kickstarter you would be assured of getting a copy of the disc, if you don't then you may not.


One of the perks of backing a Kickstarter is you often get goodies made in small numbers just for key backers, that may not be available beyond the Kickstarter launch.

So far this has been the case for our releases (on Either EYEPOP-3D or Enhanced Dimensions Labels). The Kickstarter have offered not only some one-off amazing rewards but even more basic items like button badges, lobby cards and even dress up paper dolls have been limited in supply and mostly used as Kickstarter rewards.


We have also taken the decision that as the Kickstarter backers are our core market we offer the disc a little cheaper than we do when selling on the open market. In the case of Nightmare Castle the Kickstarter was $27 and the retail is $31 plus shipping of course. (This AI Pic above made me laugh so I had to use it - what kind of disc is that?)


Well probably yes, but not definitely and not for long.

So in summary if you back our Kickstarter you will generally:

  • Pay Less

  • Be guaranteed a Copy

  • Get Bonus Goodies

If however you prefer to wait and purchase direct after the Kickstarter obviously we appreciate your support and custom and will do our best to fulfil orders as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.


Our full range of 3D Blu-rays are available from our webstore.

Now back to the conversion desk!

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