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Last Man on Earth 3D : YOU ARE LEGEND Reward Features

Let's look at the YOU ARE LEGEND reward tier

For our latest update I thought we could look at some specifics for the YOU ARE LEGEND Reward Tier. Limited to a maximum of 25 copies worldwide this is the ultimate package for 3D enthusiasts and fans of The Last Man on Earth.

So on top of the full Platinum Edition Blu-ray, with all it's bonus content you also get...

10" Vinyl 3D Picture Disc

An amazing promotional artefact featuring music from the motion picture soundtrack and featuring a specially created single sided anaglyph 3D montage. Only 25 produced in the world!

Anaglyph Slipcover

For this very special limited edition we've further developed the toon style of the graphic novella and created an anaglyph slipcover - even the text on the spine is raised when wearing 3d glasses!

Also limited to 25 copies this will not be available again EVER once the 25 copies are gone. 

Bonus 3D Blu-ray

3D Blu-ray featuring additional content including:

  • Short Edit Toon Version (3D)

  • Beyond The Screen Featurette (3D)

  • Kickstarter Promo Footage (3D)

  • Plus Additional 2D promo footage and images.

Signed Printers Proof

A numbered and signed printer's proof edition featuring the front cover of the graphic novel. Again only 1 of 25!

Replica Promotions Handbook

Featuring archive promotional material from the films initial release.

Sountrack Audio CD

Unproduced "I Am Legend" Screenplay

This superb reward features items that are limited to no more than 25 copies.. So if you want to guarantee a copy of this superb package please make sure you back the YOU ARE LEGEND reward tier on KICKSTARTER NOW!

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