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Why Electric Man?

Updated: Jun 2

There's a fair number of reason's why I thought it was a good idea to have a go at converting Electric Man to 3D, the most important of which was that I actually liked the film for what it was and believed it had a good script and a fun story to tell. It's got everything: laughs, intrigue and romance and all set in my stunning home city - sounds good to me.

I had originally become involved when Richard Steel, who was DOP for Electric Man, had told me about the project whilst we were working on a corporate project shooting a TV ad for the launch of a new hospital on the outskirts of Edinburgh. (A little known fact is that I appear in the advert too... well my hands do. My first and only TV role!)

Rich introduced me to David and Scott, and I took the script away and gave it a read. I hadn't read many feature film scripts at the time, but I felt it worked, the characters were distinct and the plot was well structured. It felt like it made sense, in fact more sense than a fair number of films I'd sat through.

As my agency was doing well at the time I felt I could help out with not just a bit of funding but also I could bring my motion graphic skills to bear and help by animating the title sequence. Somehow I also ended up being in the Comic-Con scene in the film, I think I was keen to be there as I wanted to see the set in action, and it was always good catching up with David, Scott and Rich, although there's not much time for catching up on a shoot like this where time is very limited.

The film was picked up for distribution and released on DVD around about 2012 and received some really nice reviews with David and Scott being nominated for Best Writers in the BAFTA New Talent Awards for their screenplay.

Sadly we lost Rich Steel in 2011 in a car accident. He was really a lovely guy, very generous with his knowledge and always willing to help out. I had always thought when (or if) I ever made a feature film I would have loved to have had Rich work on it but sadly that day never came.

So when it came to looking for something a bit different to the public domain films, Electric Man just became an obvious one to consider converting as part of the EYEPOP-3D experiment.

We had full access to the original source material, the support of David and the team behind the film plus it had never been released on Blu-ray so this is the first public release of the film in HD, as well as 3D!

Lets not forget to mention the soundtrack, featuring not just some great tracks by Fish but also a superb score by Blair Mowat who has gone on to do some amazing work for TV and Movies worldwide.

We do hope you'll be interested enough to give us your backing on our Kickstarter, whilst we appreciate it's a little out of the ordinary based on our first two conversions, we're pretty sure like us you'll grow to love this unique little film.

EYEPOP-3D is the home of high quality, independent 2D to 3D Film Conversions. We use the latest tools and emerging technologies to create budget friendly 3D conversions of classic and modern feature films, television shows and other motion content.

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