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 2D to 3D conversion technologies continue developing at an ever accelerating pace, but still require substantial manual efforts to resolve the flaws generated during the conversion process. This process can add months of production time and increase the costs substantially, so Plan D is an experiment in taking an alternative approach, still using state-of-the-art conversion technology but with reduced manual input for a more budget conscious product.

At the same time as this, we minimise production and distribution costs across the board by using simplified designs, without the bells and whistles of our typical premium releases. Finally producing and shipping discs on demand assists in cost savings by removing the  requirement for stock control & storage.

This budget conscious approach means we can look to release a wider range of films or shows that may be a little more obscure or not have the quality of high definition print available and for a more wallet friendly price.

Latest 3D Blu-ray Releases


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