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The Brain That Wouldn't Die 3D

Plan-D presents a great new 3D conversion of the 1962 sci-fi/horror film "The Brain That Wouldn't Die"



In this cinema camp cult classic, Dr. Bill Cortner accidentally decapitates his fiancee and must race to save her life using the highly experimental and clandestine methods he’s developed to preserve and transplant human limbs and tissue. But the doctor must find a woman whose body he can harvest. With time running out, will he be able to find a random woman in time to save his fiancee’s life? Almost certainly. But will the morally bankrupt doctor find a woman with the perfect body in time? Watch and find out in 3D!



  • Feature film in Frame Packed 3D

  • Feature Film in Anaglyph 3D


  • 82 Minutes

  • 1962

  • Black & White

  • Sci-Fi/Horror

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