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Dreaming of 3D Double Bills

Updated: Mar 24

One of my little flights of fancy in 3D films is dreaming up themed double bills, usually it's mixing a 3D film with a non 3D film (that I'd like to convert, just for fun of course).

So one of the little themes I've come up with is: 2D Films that had remakes/reboots in 3D.

And so, here's a few I can think of.

My Bloody Valentine (1981) & My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

This was an obvious first choice for me as I actually really like both films with the 1981 film being very much the typical "slasher" film of it's era followed by some stunning 3D camera work and simply one of the most outrageous 3D horror films in the 2009 version.

So, of course as is my want, I am now pleased to share the converted trailer for the original "My Bloody Valentine" 81 in glorious stereoscopic 3D horrorvision!

Piranha (1978) & Piranha 3D (2010)

Another obvious pairing (I assume it's an obvious choice for a horror aficionado like myself) with the Joe Dante Directed original from 1978 followed by the gory exploitation fest that was Piranha 3D.

Although Piranha 3D was an imperfect conversion, there's a lot still to like about it from the very silly tongue in cheek Richard Dreyfus intro sequence through to the OTT Christopher Lloyd character and all that typical horror in-between.

Poltergeist (1982) & Poltergeist 3D (2015)

Another horror pairing of course and one I'm intrigued to actually take a look at. I've not seen the original Poltergeist in years although I do believe it's an absolute horror classic and although I watched the 3D remake I don't really recall much about it - so definitely would make an interesting evening's entertainment.

Fright Night (1985) & Fright Night 3D (2011)

This is another pairing that I'd like to take a (re)look at. I seem to recall enjoying the original Fright Night back in the 1980's but wasn't a huge fan of the 3D remake. But to be honest I cannot even remember anything about it at this stage!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) & Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

I'm not sure if the 3D was meant as a follow up to the original, or if it sits somewhere else in a sequence of films but this would be one stressful nights entertainment either way!

Other 3D Pairings

So you've seen my selection. Time permitting I may get round to doing quick conversions of more of the trailers. Which would you like to see? Also have I missed any? Are there other fun 3D pairings you can think of? Feel free to post a comment below or jump over and chat about it on social media.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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