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Although it is provided elsewhere on the site I thought I'd share this information as a blog post as we are regularly asked these questions.

Where can I buy these discs?

Our primary online store is linked here

Is this conversion red blue anaglyph?

The discs contain the feature films in both "proper" 3D Blu-ray (frame packed) and red blue anaglyph 3D formats. Unless it states otherwise.

Will this play in my region?

All of our discs are region free so will play anywhere in the world.

What format is the Digital Download?

The digital downloads we provide are in the most widely supported Side-by-Side formats in an mp4 container.

Generally this is a 1080p file with the Left & Right image squeezed to 50% width, but we also look to provide a 4K wide file which has the full Left & Right image. The 1080p can generally play on any 3D enabled system.

On some occasions, for example our free discs we offer users the .ISO file.

Why can some items not have combined shipping?

We operate several independent stores split between conversion producers for Plan-D Discs as well as our central system for EYEPOP-3D Discs. It's not always possible to make all available from the same online store.

So just as you may not be able to buy everything you want at a single physical store we are kind of set-up in the same way.

How quickly can I access digital downloads?

Access to some of our Digital Downloads are manually managed so may take up to 24 hours to be approved. If you haven't heard anything within 24 hours please feel free to get in touch.

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