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Loving the "House on Haunted Hill 3D"

Updated: Jan 5

Wow, we've been blown away with the brilliant feedback and reviews that our "House on Haunted Hill" 2D o 3D conversion has been getting. It's been massively positive which really does spur us on to keep producing stereoscopic content (or should that read Dimensional Video?) and to doing our best to make it as great 3D as we can.

YouTube Feedback

We've been lucky enough to get a 5 Star review from the 3D enthusiast Tommy Boy on his YouTube Channel.

And another 3D reviewer of note on YouTube, Go FInd Fun, also gave us a wonderfully positive review, using his customary wiggle style 3d to help to demonstrate the depth of the conversion.


Our wider customer feedback has been massively positive too, here's some tasters of what they've been saying:

"There are scenes now that pop in a way they never could in 2D and I was amazed at how good they looked. The chandelier, the first big jump scare - the film has plenty of quality money shots."

"Holy sh*t. The conversion is astounding. Looks like William Castle shot it in 3-D, as if it were planned for the process from the start. The faces of Elisha Cook Jr. and Vincent Price at the beginning float right off the screen, and there’s consistently fantastic depth and objects protruding offscreen throughout."

"This conversion is sensational. To my eyes it’s even better than the Nightmare Castle presentation, which was pretty damn good in its own right."

"The 3D implementation is so successful that even if you're a big 3D fanatic, you don't have to sugar-coat it because of the lack of alternatives these days."

"There was never a moment for me where I was taken out of the experience by an obvious conversion error. The film offers a great 3D feeling and also has 3D passages where I just thought "Wow, that looks amazing". I got exactly what I love about 3D."


Our Gumroad Store currently has plenty stock of both "House on Haunted Hill3D" and "Nightmare Castle 3D" on both 3D Blu-ray and Anaglyph 3D DVD. So why not grab a copy for those 3D afficianados in your life. (Why not grab 2 - treat yourself!)

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