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The Good, The Bad and The (not so) Ugly... Happy Valentines Day!

Updated: Jun 2

Welcome to our little roundup of what's been happening here at EYEPOP-3D!

And First off...


Well the good news we have for you is that our new Kickstarter for "The Last Man on Earth 3D" is now LIVE! You can grab a copy of this stunning new 3D conversion on 3D Blu-ray as well as a whole load of other goodies and very limited promotional items.

Rather than me bang on further about the campaign why not head over and find out all about the film, the conversion and what superb rewards we have lined up for our backers of this superb classic sci-fi tale of terror!


By now you'll all be aware that our most recent Kickstarter for the indie romantic comedy caper film "Electric Man" sadly failed to reach it's goal and failed to be funded.

It is really a shame as we did a mountain of work to make this happen and not only is the film entertaining, the conversion is looking superb.

Of course we won't be completely leaving "Electric Man" behind, you'll et an opportunity to get your hands on a copy as part of our latest Kickstarter with any remaining copies from this very, very limited run being made available for sale on our website immediately afterwards.

And finally....


In news that we hope you'll share our enthusiasm for, EYEPOP-3D has licensed our first non-pd film for conversion in the shape of "Slaughter of The Vampires"!

Some of you will be aware we shared an initial version of a very rough test conversion last Halloween, but the source footage was very poor with blended frames and considerable upscaling artefacts so the finished product was never going to be great. As you can see from the example above the new version is a massive improvement with no blended frames and an overall superior image quality. We have already undertaken some restoration and cleaning up on the material and it is looking so, so much better I'm really excited to have this one in the pipeline!

The copy we shared last year also on had minimal fixing to the conversion, so in stereoscopic terms it also left much to be desired... to describe it as substandard was possibly an understatement! It was, in short... plain ugly!

So the "not so ugly" news is we're staring from a far superior source without all the messy artefacts or frame-blends and will be undertaking our usual comprehensive fixing to release a far, far superior version of "Slaughter of The Vampires 3D" on 3D Blu-ray later in 2024. So beware, the count is coming to get you!

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